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What You Should Know

Contrary to its name, yellow dock tea is not made from a yellow-colored herb. Instead, the flowery herb is reddish-brown in color. While the herb does have some very pretty leaves that are edible, this is not the part that we use in the herbal drink. What are used in the herbal drink are the roots that are dried, crushed and then boiled in water. This herb is not one that is traditionally planted, but it is found in some of the most undesirable places like landfills, ditches, and railroad tracks. It kind of makes it difficult to get in order to create your own homemade herbal brews.

Yellow dock tea does not have very many different health benefits to it. It is mainly used for digestive purposes, but can also be used for rheumatism pain and liver disorders. It is a good thing that it is not used for wide purposes because of how difficult it can be to find the herb that is used as the base of the herbal drink. However, if you have been diagnosed with liver problems and you want to supplement your treatment with the herbal remedy, you are sure to find it for sale at least online.

While there have not been any proven cases where there have been difficulties with pregnancies, it is still recommended that pregnant women or women who are nursing do not use yellow dock tea. This is just a precaution because it is not known if there is any effect on unborn babies and it is just better to be safe than sorry when it comes to these types of matters. You should also be careful not to use this herbal drink too many times a day or for too many days in a row. You should always limit your intake to three cups a day and for no longer than a week at a time just to be on the safe side.

Before you start using yellow dock tea, you need to talk about it with your doctor. Only your doctor can let you know of the full potential for negative side effects from the herbal remedy. Also, your illnesses could be a sign of a major illness that needs medical treatment so always make your doctor your first line of defense before you do anything like drink herbal teas to help with pain or other types of illnesses.

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