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Why You Should Try Yellow Dock Tea

While most herbal teas have an abundance of health reasons to drink them that is not true with this one. The yellow dock tea benefits are few, but the few that exist are major ones. The predominant reason that people use this herbal drink is to help with any issues they have with their liver. A couple of the other reasons are that it helps with acne and it helps alleviate pain associated with arthritis and rheumatism. Whatever your reason is for trying the herbal drink, you should talk with your doctor first to rule out anything seriously wrong with you.

If you have been diagnosed with liver disease or some other type of liver disorder, you may find that drinking yellow dock tea benefits you. It is not a miracle cure for your liver disease or disorder, but it can help your medications work better in the long run. Of course, skeptics would argue that there is no scientific evidence to back this claim up, but there have been cases where the patients were helped by this herbal drink. Again, it will not cure it, but it can help if used correctly.

Believe it or not, but helping with acne is another of the yellow dock tea benefits. Of course, in this instance you would not drink it, but you would soak cotton balls in it and apply them to your face or wherever the acne is instead. Not only does this provide a soothing effect on your face and body, but it also smells nice – which is something you can’t say about other acne products. You would use this as an astringent and not a cleanser so you would still need to use a cleanser on your face and body. Just be sure to use it twice a day so that you can see the results you want much quicker.

The last of the yellow dock tea benefits I will mention is that it can help you with pain that is associated with arthritis and rheumatism. Of course, like all the other herbal teas, this one also has the properties of an anti-inflammatory. While it may be tempting to try this herbal drink instead of what your doctor prescribes for you, it is important you do whatever your doctor says. If you don’t get full relief with that, then you can add this herbal drink to the regimen to help supplement the pain control.

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